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Since its inception, Preferred Care has provided our exceptional nursing staff wonderful opportunities to nurse in aged care facilities and within the community across Queensland. As a Preferred Care nurse, you’ll be expertly matched to the individual needs of each of our clients, and have opportunities to work the shifts and the sectors that suit you personally. This gives you both the income you need and the flexibility you want.

We value our nurses

Preferred Care was established by a nurse who passionately believes in the company’s core values. That means we want to hear your thoughts, your ideas and your feedback and we’ll action those to create a better environment for all our nurses. We have an open-door, judgement-free policy and we want you to feel free to come to us anytime about anything.

Joining Preferred Care is not only joining a business of passion and change, it’s becoming a part of a community. At the end of the day, we always want you to feel respected, cared for and that your voice is being heard.

We support our nurses

As a nurse with Preferred Care we promise to support you to ensure that you’re comfortable and able to fulfill your job with confidence and skill. We’ll never just toss you in the deep end. We provide you with training, including access to face to face workshops so you can upskill and feel confident in your practice

As a graduate nurse we’ll provide you with  buddy shifts with an Enrolled or Registered nurse to offer extra support and ensure you feel safe and confident in delivering quality care

Why choose Preferred Care?

Above award rates, paid weekly

We proudly pay above the national award rates for all placements and pay weekly for peace of mind.

Locally owned and operated

We are a proudly locally owned and operated business, right here in sunny Brisbane, Queensland.

We're owned by a nurse

Started by Registered Nurse Candice Thompson, we have built every part of our agency from the ground up to support nurses.

Personalised onboarding program

Starting a new placement can be challenging, that’s why our personalised onboarding program is here to help you fit right in.

We provide buddy shifts for new Graduates

Unlike other agencies, we offer buddy shifts with an Enrolled or Registered nurse for our new graduates.

What Our Nurses Love About Preferred Care

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*Fees are structured based on the award wage, and dependent on the facilities being used and level of the worker.